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Celebrating the Pensacola Bay Area

Biodiversity in Our Bay

The term biodiversity has multiple meanings. Some look at it in terms of genetics, others ecosystems, but most look at it in terms of species. Simply put, biodiversity is the variety of life within a system.The system could be on a small scale, such as a pond, or on a much larger one, like an ocean.

education   environment   lifestyle  | Rick O’Connor

Uptown Pensacola – Where Locals Live, Eat & Play

Uptown/Central Pensacola features all of the nuts and bolts of modern life, including Cordova Mall and University Town Plaza, major shopping centers with well-known national retailers and specialty shops; dozens of restaurants; the main campus ofPensacola State College; and countless opportunities to be entertained and stay busy – all within a few square miles.

lifestyle   neighborhoods  | Louis Cooper

Must-See Murals around Pensacola

Murals are all the rage right now. Locally, some are on a massive scale. Others are smaller and more obscure. All bring a new energy and engagement to our eclectic community, making it more vibrant and alive.

community  | Katie King